Giclee's Available

All Douglas Edward Andrews paintings can be customized as Giclees. You are viewing his early works from 1969 up to the present.


A Giclee (ghee-clay) print is as rewarding visually as it is technically amazing. For brilliant, exquisite color and razor sharp detail it is unsurpassed. It is simply the closest duplication of an original artwork that is humanly, mechanically, or technically possible.


The word Giclee itself is French and means “sprays of ink.” From a hundred of inkjets more than a million droplets of ink per second are sprayed onto a canvas. Once completed an image is comprised of almost 20 billion droplets of ink. The resulting print has an endless array of richly saturated color and every nuance of the original image. The most archival, water based lightfast inks available in the world are used. The latest inks offer up to 70-year lightfastness and UV-resistance under museum archival conditions.


Giclee prints have an impressive exhibition record. They are shown in museums and galleries throughout the world.


GICLEE SIZES AND PRICING (Custom sizes available, call 888-728-8691 for pricing)


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A Sycamore Day

043-_a sycamore day_ oak creek canyon sedona az 20x246

Oak Creek Canyon, AZ 20x24


A Touch Of Oak Creek

024-_a touch of oak creek_ oak creek canyon, sedonaaz 20x24

Oak Creek Canyon, AZ 20x24


After The Monsoon

021-_after the monsoon_ schnebly hill, sedonaaz 11x14

Schenbly Hill, AZ 11x14



017-_agave_ schnebly hill, sedonaaz 12x186

Schnebly Hill 18x12



015-_anna_ edinboropa 22x30

Edinboro, PA 22x30


Blanket Of Life

022-_blanket of life_ red rock loop road, sedonaaz 20x24

Red Rock Loob Road, AZ 20x24


Covered Bridge

001-_covered bridge_ greenville pa 20x30

Greenville, PA 20x30

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